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We all know that without leads, you can’t grow a business. That’s why you spend a lot of your time and money trying to generate leads–but what happens after that? Many contractors don’t follow up with leads at all. They spend all of their energy generating a new sales contact, and forget to take it the next step to convert it into a sale. Don’t be a statistic; set your business apart this year by following up with your leads. It can be overwhelming and time consuming, but you can make it easier on yourself by having a process you follow for each lead. It’s easier than it sounds!  

 In the spirit of the Christmas season, Enertech employees have made an effort to pause to remember those in need this month. We are incredibly proud of their charitable giving and generosity.  

 We’ve all heard that you are what you eat–but what about what you breathe? Common pollutants, dust, and molds can have immediate and long-term effects on our health, and sometimes can even be fatal. You spend a lot of time in your home, so it’s important that your indoor air is clean and wholesome. All geothermal systems work to keep your home healthy with increased air purification and dehumidification, but Enertech manufactured geothermal systems take things one step further by using foam insulation certified by UL Environment, a business unit of Underwriters Laboratories.

The Enertech team loves to have fun, but we are also committed to continuously reducing risks and improving the quality of our products. This month the dedication and care taken by our production staff has lead to another big achievement – the celebration of six years without a lost-time accident.

One of the most important core values to us at Enertech is quality. We are committed to it from start to finish in our manufacturing process and we believe it is part of everyone’s job descriptions. For the next installment of Made in Mitchell, let’s take a look at Enertech’s run test station.